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MUSE 2021

Muse is an electric utility vehicle with large autonomy.

This cabin frame will be launched in large series in Taiwan from 2021. 

It will be first dedicated to the European market, and will be subsequently adapted to the Asian region.


  • Assembled on the same production lines than some Japanese SUVs, it benefits from an industrial excellence focusing on quality and cost.

  • Max speed: 90 km / h

  • Payload: up to 950 kg

  • Useful volume: up to 8.5 m3

  • Power: 70 kW

  • Transmission: 4 wheel drive

  • Autonomy: 140-270 km

  • Effective length: 235 cm

  • Weight: +/- 1300 kg

  • Wheels: 14 inches

  • Voltage: 96 volts



螢幕快照 2019-09-24 下午3.59.37.png
  • 4 engines in the wheels. 4 wheel drive permanent. Better traction. Better safety. Better autonomy thanks to the efficiency of the front engines.

  • Double autonomy, 25 and 50 kWh. Urban use, mixed use

  • Up to 3 power supply in 220 volts, up to 10 kW. Adaptation of accessories for garden uses, roads, events ...With the battery 50 kWh, continuous use for the all day

  • Range extender optional, for longer distances

  • Central line exits whatever the direction of the march

Muse 2020


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